Profihopper PH 1500 is now really for all seasons

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Profihopper PH 1500 is now really for all seasons

The flexibility offered by the PowerCompactor system on the Profihopper PH 1250 and PH 1500 is key when it comes to needing a mower that will collect in the wet or the dry. The unique double auger system comprises of a horizontal auger collecting the grass off the back of the SmartCut cutting rotor and then conveying it to a second central vertical auger that packs the cut material into the collecting hopper at the back. This compacting action ensures the maximum capacity of the hopper is utilised with more than a third more grass being collected between hopper emptying than a conventional collection system.

This collection system operates dust-free in a dry time making it ideal for working amongst bystanders and in tight, limited manoeuvrability areas, such as caravan and holiday parks whereas, in a wet time, the collection quality is just as good meaning that mowing operations can be completed even after a dewy start to the day or after a heavy shower.

This ability to cut in the wet is all very well, but the poor operator still has to sit outside whatever the weather. But now, Amazone Groundcare have launched the cabbed version of the PH 1500. The huge glass area, with slender A and B pillars, ensures that the optimum visibility is still maintained yet with the wide, easy-access doors making getting in and out comfortable and convenient. Once inside, the creature comforts are all there, radio, air seat, Bluetooth phone connectivity for hands-free mobile connection and a comfortable working environment generated by the air-conditioning system. The overall height is kept to a minimum to try and keep the Profihopper’s ability to reach those places that other mowers can’t reach.

So when it comes to utilising the PH 1500’s ability to work year-round; whether scarifying, leaf collecting, maintaining wild flower meadows, single pass mowing on environmental and conservation areas or leaving that immaculate striped finish on tightly-mown lawns, then the cabbed PH 1500 is the mower/collector of choice.

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