25th October 2020

IQ4-Cloud takes web based irrigation management to a new level

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IQ4-Cloud takes web based irrigation management to a new level

Dedicated to the development of the most advanced irrigation products, Rain Bird's IQ Platform has for many years set the standard as a management solution for contractors and end users with responsibility for the irrigation of commercial properties, sports stadia, training grounds and other amenities featuring both single and multiple zones or controllers.

With the new IQ4-Cloud, the platform has been completely redesigned to become more versatile, user-friendly and secure than ever before. It is also free of charge for anyone who has already invested in compatible Rain Bird controllers and connected devices.

IQ4-Cloud takes web based irrigation management to a new level

IQ4-Cloud is designed for use with Rain Bird's ESP-LX Series controllers or the new ESP-LX IVM range. It is 100% browser based, offering high levels of functionality and control over irrigation through any internet connected smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. The full suite of remote management tools is accessible through a mobile-ready, user-friendly interface.

New features, including streamlined navigation, allow fast and agile programming of controllers. For controllers equipped with flow sensors, minute-by-minute flow logs and graphical reports show actual versus projected flow rates.

IQ4 can automatically create and share detailed analysis of irrigation times, total water usage and other key data. Text notifications on mobile phones are now available to help quickly identify and manage operational queries in the field.

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