25th October 2020

Check your data, don’t replace your system


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Check your data, don’t replace your system

Understanding your irrigation system and the effects of making changes can be a complex subject but if you understand the basic principles it will go a long way to help you maintain your site and deliver your expectations.

Bailoy is often contacted when a PC-based system is not performing as expected, assuming the problem is the controller hardware or the software running it. Users often perceive the controller and the software running it, as the sophisticated and intelligent means to deliver fail proof performance.

Check your data, don’t replace your system

Apart from obvious issues like cable breaks or damaged heads, in 9 out of 10 cases Bailoy find that the data entered in the system is the cause of the issue.

Each station in the software contains information (data) relevant to that station such as head type, nozzle sets, arcs, flow and spacings. So, if that information was either not entered correctly when the system was installed, or has changed over time, then your data is out of line and you will experience performance issues.

So, if your irrigation system is underperforming ask yourself if any of the station data itemised above has changed. If the answer is yes, contact Bailoy for advice.

Bailoy manufacture, distribute and support the GTI Gemini and GTI Trident range of controllers.

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