28th November 2022

Trimax Snake Series 2 set to revolutionise groundscare maintenance

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Trimax Snake Series 2 set to revolutionise groundscare maintenance

Earlier this year Trimax Mowing Systems announced the launch of the Snake Series 2.

Developed specifically to meet the requirements of hard-pressed groundsmen, the Snake is the accumulation of over 30 years of Trimax innovation, manufacturing and customer insight.

With its high manoeuvrability and floating deck design, which handles undulating turf without scalping, Trimax Snakes success has been unparalleled. This beautifully engineered solution is revolutionising groundscare maintenance and can now be found in the arsenal of many of the world’s leading golf, sports field, public space and fine turf maintenance providers.

Trimax designs and builds machines which deliver low total cost of ownership and long commercial life. Greasing, cleaning, servicing, washing and adjusting all eat into active mowing time. Trimax’s mission is to minimise or eliminate down time wherever possible saving you money and keeping your mower doing what it was bought for – cutting grass. In fact, due to its many low maintenance features the average annual upkeep of a Snake is an impressive £245. That’s 50% less than a dedicated self-propelled unit.

With upgraded features such as the LocTEK Roller Retention System, thicker roller tubes, auto belt tensioning and maintenance-free pivot bushes, it’s no wonder Trimax Snake is so popular.

The Trimax Snake S2 is a formidable performer. See first-hand what it can do on your patch of turf.

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