6th April 2020

Tractor mounted and trailed mowers

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Tractor mounted and trailed mowers

In this age of ever more sophisticated ride-on mowers, the humble mounted or trailed mower is often overlooked, especially cylinder gangs. With a history going back over 180 years, Ransomes Jacobsen has a range of tractor mounted and trailed mowers that reflects this long heritage.

Ideal for really large open areas of turf, the Ransomes TG3400 and TG4650 are five unit and seven unit, mounted hydraulic gang mowers with cutting widths of 3.42m and 4.69m respectively. Lift control to the centre units and independent control over the two outer units enables the working width to be varied dependent upon the prevailing conditions. Both machines are available with a choice of Magna fixed head or Sportcutter floating head reels.

Whereas the five or seven cutting units on the Ransomes TG gang mowers are connected to and towed by the tractor, the seven cutting units on the Ransomes Hydraulic 5/7 are mounted to the tractor using a belly frame for the two centre units forward of the rear wheels and a rear frame housing the other five cylinders. This provides a maximum working width of 4.65m, which reduces to 2.5m with the units folded when moving between sites.

Available with Magna 4- or 6-blade fixed head cutting units or Sportcutter 8-blade floating head units, the Hydraulic 5/7 features individual control over the four outer units enabling variations in working width to be achieved. The tried and tested design makes it easy to fit to a wide range of tractors and horsepower levels.

The Ransomes Mounted or Verticut 214 is the perfect gang mower for smaller areas cutting a 2.14 m swath from its three 4- or 6-blade cutting units. Like the other units in the range it’s available with a choice of Magna fixed head or Sportcutter floating head reels and there’s also a Verticut floating head option.

For more than a century Ransomes trailed gang mowers have provided one of the most efficient, cost-effective and productive methods for maintaining large open spaces. They can be configured from a single unit to a maximum of five.

Cutting widths range from 2.10m (84") for the three-cylinder unit, 3.5m (138") for the five-cylinder or a highly productive 4.9m (192") for the seven-cylinder version. There’s a choice of six-blade Sportcutter or five-blade Magna units with cutting heights ranging from 13mm to 76mm depending on the density of the grass and quality of finish required. A flexible framework and the use of universal couplings enable the units to be close-coupled and trailed in line for ease of transport.

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