2nd December 2023

The SmartCut system from Amazone Groundcare is there to help you this spring

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The SmartCut system from Amazone Groundcare is there to help you this spring

It is a busy time of year for green space maintenance with grass swards starting to put on spring growth, spring bulbs beginning to fade and their greenery dying back and the detritus of winter left on the surface with dead leaves to collect, footfall wear and tear to sort out, moss growth and dead grass and thatch issues that need renovating. Plus it is the time of year where roots need to be given the chance to breath, we need to get surface water to permeate and some nutrition needs to applied in the form of top-dressing or mineral fertiliser application to promote root development and sward strength. These are all key tasks that need addressing now.

When you look at the Amazone Groundcare range of green space maintenance machinery, then both the Profihopper and the Groundkeeper are ideally placed to take the strain at this time of year. The horizontal flail SmartCut rotor features free-swinging blade hangers that are mounted in a chevron layout to bring the material cleanly into the collection hopper. The unique tool-less blade changing system means that it is quick and easy to switch between coarse or fine cut as well as offering a simple and cheap scarifying option.

So when it comes to dethatching and teasing the soil surface open to stimulate the sward, create those drainage channels and strengthen the root structure, then the combination of wing blades and scarifying knives deals perfectly with the job in hand and then the rear roller firms the soil around the plant and leaves that perfect finish.

Any areas of spring bulb foliage that needs to be cut and collected is also no problem, the SmartCut rotor is designed to cleanly cut the any length of growth and then those long lengths are shredded before being deposited into the hopper, this means that the machine runs for longer between emptying and the composting process starts faster. A win-win situation if ever there was one.

So whether it is big areas and high collection volumes that need sorting, using, for example, the semi-trailed Groundkeeper 2100 SmartCut Drive with its 2.1m cutting width, 3,500 litres hopper capacity for tractors from 60 hp, or something more manoeuvrable, such as the all-new, self-propelled Profihopper PH 1500, with its 45.6 hp Stage 5 emission-complaint, non-AdBlue 4 cylinder diesel engine, 1.5m cutting width and, due to the PowerCompactor system, a hopper capable of holding 1,600 litres of loose cuttings, then there is plenty of options to choose from in the Amazone range, call us on 01302 755725 for more information.

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