30th September 2022

Ransomes Launch the new MT Series with the MT383 Commercial Ride-On Cylinder Mower

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Ransomes Launch the new MT Series with the MT383 Commercial Ride-On Cylinder Mower

Leading commercial and municipal mower manufacturer Ransomes has launched the new MT Series of mowers, starting with the MT383 commercial ride-on triple cylinder mower.

The new series of machines has been developed as a direct replacement for the highly popular and successful Parkway range that has been synonymous with Ransomes and commercial cylinder mowing for over 25-years.

Ransomes Product Manager Lee Kristensen and his team have taken this as an opportunity to provide users with a mower that meets the demands of modern commercial cylinder mowing, with a machine that provides enhanced operator comfort, productivity and Ransomes highly regarded quality of cut.

"Ransomes has a great history in commercial mowing with the Parkway range, and our opportunity here was to provide operators with a series of heavy-duty triplex machines, starting with the MT383, that meet the demands of modern commercial mowing," Lee begins. “Cylinder mowing remains the more efficient way to cut grass and maximise maintenance work done with the available power.

"We know users have longer cut cycles and need to cut for longer, and they need to be comfortable when they are doing it. That is why we utilised the platform from our MP range. When we launched the MP platform, we took into account long days mowing, and we worked to provide a platform for a happy and fatigue-free operator, which we achieved. We've had operators who use the MP platform say it doesn't feel like work, and that's what we wanted to bring to the MT series.

"You're sat on an ISO-mounted platform on a mechanical suspension seat, and all of the controls are at your fingertips. Comfortable operators will be the most productive, but we wanted to do even more to increase their uptime. That includes the reversing cooling fan that can be operated on an automatic timer or the touch of a button to clear the air intakes and keep the machine cool on those hot summer days.

"Ease of access to the engine compartment has been improved significantly for both daily checks and servicing. In terms of the engine itself, we know a lot of commercial and municipal operators have a high environmental consideration when choosing machinery. That made it very important to us to provide the MT383 with a Stage V 37.5 HP Kubota clean-running engine."

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