6th April 2020

Latest Tractors from Iseki

Ransomes Jacobsen Limited

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Latest Tractors from Iseki

TLE Series

Ransomes Jacobsen, the Ipswich-based distributor of Iseki tractors and mowers, has introduced the first product in the new series of TLE tractors, ideal for golf course and grounds maintenance applications.

The TLE3400 is Iseki’s new Premium Economy tractor. The tractor is powered by a 38 horsepower 3-cylinder diesel engine, which operates at 2600rpm. Like all Iseki diesel engines, these power plants have been designed to provide high output and torque with reduced emissions.

The single piece bonnet provides easy accessibility to the engine compartment and as such, the battery, radiator, dipstick and filter are all able to be easily maintained. The operator platform is spacious and ergonomic; all main operating levers are mounted within easy reach and are colour coded for clear distinction. The heavy rubber platform mat reduces vibration and provides superior grip.

The Iseki TLE3400 features a three-speed hydrostatic transmission system. Speed and direction can be controlled effortlessly using a single pedal, allowing an increase or decrease in speed within the range selected. A choice of agricultural or turf tyres are available as standard.

The TLE3400 also features power steering, a fuel capacity of 43 litres and a lift capacity of 1000 kg at the link ends. A front loader is available as an optional extra and a range of attachments can be used, making the TLE3400 suitable for a myriad of applications.

Iseki TG6490 IQ

The Iseki TG6490 IQ features the popular IQ Dual-Clutch transmission system that offers the control of a manual with the convenience of an automatic. There are 8 main gears and 3 ranges, providing versatility for any task. Gears can be changed by simply moving the gear lever through the straight shift gate- there’s no need to use the clutch. The IQ Dual-Clutch transmission system is particularly useful for tasks where control and precision are required, such as golf course and pitch aeration.

The Iseki TG6490 IQ is powered by a four-cylinder Iseki engine developing 48PS. Like all Iseki diesel engines, these power plants have been designed to provide high output with reduced emissions. Adding to the efficiency of engine power, the TG6490 IQ also has an impressive life capacity of 1,700 Kg.

The tractor is available with ROPS or an air-conditioned cab. A front loader joystick, 3 speed PTO, electronic position and draft control, up stop PTO and linkage up in reverse are all supplied as standard.

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