28th November 2022

Kioti Tractors high specification as standard

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Kioti Tractors high specification as standard for comfort and control

All tractor operators will work efficiently and do a better job if they can work with a tractor that provides them with a well laid out work platform or cabin, and the options they need to do a varied and proper job.

This is why Kioti tractors are so well received in the UK market place.

All models have selectable 2 and 4 wheel drive and provide space for even long legged operators to sit comfortably. The controls are logical and easy to reach. The 28 HP CK2810 and the more powerful CK3310 HST models have loader joysticks and cruise control function as standard. These are features not normally provided on tractors of this size as standard.

The CK4010 hydrostatic models add a selectable Linked pedal function as well. This gives the operator easy control of engine revolutions to ground speed. The saving in fuel use over a day’s work can be hard to believe.

All Kioti tractors CK4020 (mechanical transmission 12 forward and 12 reverse gears) and above, have the Automatic PTO standard function. This is a great safety feature and reduces wear and tear on the transmissions and PTO shafts for any driven implements.

The factory fitted cabins of the relevant models (40 Hp and above) all have air conditioning as standard. Yet another must for all operators looking to achieve maximum output over a long period.

For full details contact Kioti Uk Ltd. 01480 401512

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