6th April 2020

Jacobsen® GATM Series Aerators

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Jacobsen® GA™ Series Aerators

Jacobsen launched its new range of aeration equipment in 2017. The first model in the range is the GA600; a deep tine aerator. It remains the industry’s only aerator that performs deep and conventional aeration in a single pass. The GA600 AerStrike™ 4 tine attachment system distributes optimal spacing and diamond pattern, reducing aeration time and elevating turf condition. The patented PerfectStrike™ tine arm motion and pivot point ensures the tines have a straight entry and exit path, making the GA600 the ideal aerator for golf course fairways, approaches and greens, sports fields, and manicured green spaces.

The main features of the innovative aerator include:

PerfectStrike™ tine arm motion and pivot point height minimizes travel angle ensuring tines enter and exit the turf vertically delivering a truly straight hole. The patented design leads to more perfectly rounded holes, less damage to root zone, and more uniform aeration for faster recovery time.

AerStrike™ 4 tine attachment system enables the GA600 to conduct deep and conventional aeration in single pass, cutting this maintenance practice expense in half. Tines are strategically placed so that each subsequent strike creates optimal spacing and pattern therefore removing a pinching effect and need for turf guards.

Strategic roller location placed an industry leading 5.5 inches (14 cm) from the tine heads delivers superior ground following capability and consistent aeration depth over undulated turf. Across level and varying terrain, the roller position distributes the aerator weight evenly thus reducing ground pressure.

Heavy duty design built to stand up to the greatest abuse with no nonsense maintenance. The GA600 is built with high strength, high performance steel drive components for longer life in a demanding environment. Duel o-ring chain drives are located on the outer sides of the machine for ease of access for lubrication and inspection.

Crank shaft components deliver superior driving force ensuring greater depth of aeration is achieved, using the full length of tines to break up deeper compaction layers for a healthier, more stress-free turf.

Launched this year is Jacobsen’s GA450; an intermediate depth coring aerator with a working width of 54” ensuring it meets your specific productivity requirements. The GA450 offers improved hole quality through PerfectStrike™ tine arm assembly and increased productivity while maintaining hole quality and tighter patterns without the need for a turf guard.

Also launched this year is the GA580; an intermediate aerator possessing a unique combination of precision and speed. It is built to not only enhance productivity but produce hole quality at the highest of standards. The GA580 is extremely versatile and can be equipped to core fairways at industry-leading speeds and is able to perform intermediate depth aeration on fairways and greens. This machine is designed for ease of operation and maintenance, providing single-tool depth adjustments, allowing you to achieve the perfect depth for your course.

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