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2nd December 2023

Getting ready for autumn…

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Getting ready for autumn…

Since 1922 professionals have relied on the performance and long-lasting durability of Little Wonder landscaping and debris management equipment. As a professional landscaper you need your equipment to be able to perform the toughest of jobs – our powerful equipment will stand up to your needs, season, after season.

The Optimax™ maximum output blowers, with an air speed of up to 160mph are perfect for moving leaves, debris and standing water – or for any job that requires hurricane-force air with air volume of up to 2530 cfm. Powered by Honda engines, all models feature a split-stream air deflector controlled by the operator, which minimises blow-back, you will only have to go over the area once. Operators comfort comes in the form of adjustable, ergonomic handles with anti-vibration grip. The housing is durable heavy gauge steel – for strength and durability. Clogging is prevented as the curved aerodynamic inlet draws air in smoothly for constant power, even if leaves are sucked in.

Add a transport bracket for convenient tie-down, a lift handle for easy lifting in and out of your van and an industry-leading warranty and you’ll see why Optimax™ is the only blower you’ll need, available in both push and self-propelled models.

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