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2nd December 2023

EverEdge turned 25 years old this year

Ever Edge

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EverEdge turned 25 years old this year

Founded in 1994, EverEdge turned 25 years old this year. It has been a long and exciting journey from producing a few metres of edging for the gardens of friends and family to where we are now. EverEdge is now supplied world wide and has been used in some of the most prestigious and well known gardens both at home and abroad and by some of the most internationally acclaimed designers, architects and landscapers.

EverEdge started with a limited range of steel edging products designed primarily for small private gardens. The domestic edging remains a hugely important part of the EverEdge range and is used primarily to edge flowerbeds and lawns.

Customer feedback has always helped shape the way EverEdge has grown and it was through conversations with customers that the range has increased to now include an edging product for virtually any shape and size of project that requires an edging product. This includes edging for driveways, paths, hard and soft landscaping as well as any and all public projects. Most recently EverEdge has expanded into the planter sector and have been designing and building planters for large scale commercial projects on ground level as well as for podium and roof gardens.

As we approach 2020, we at EverEdge see a strong and vibrant landscaping sector filled with talented contractors and designers. We look forward to getting involved with new and exciting projects throughout the year starting with the conversations we will with have with loyal and new customers at SALTEX 2019. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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