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28th November 2022


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Bluebird is back in the UK

Bluebird is back in the UK, with its new 125v Lithium-ion battery and petrol-powered ranges of turf care equipment.

Now supported by E.P.Barrus, Bluebird provides commercial, rental and residential users with some of the most reliable turf care power equipment in the industry- including aerators, power rakes, overseeders, sod cutters, stump grinders and hover mowers.

Leading the future of turf care equipment is Bluebird’s new and innovative range of 125v battery powered machines, for electric performance equal to petrol – designed and built for professionals. The range includes an 18” and 22” power rake, a 17.5” and 19” aerator and a 20” hover mower.

The lower noise level allows you to continue to work during noise restricted times and in noise restricted areas.

Other key advantages include no exhaust fumes or odour when operating, no fuel costs, low maintenance, reduced downtime, significantly improved productivity and profitability and more environmentally friendly.

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