29th September 2023

Autumn debris clearance a breeze with the Imants RotoBlast

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Autumn debris clearance a breeze with the Imants RotoBlast

As Autumn approaches, keeping sports areas and parks free of debris is even more of a challenge. Meet this task with the Imants RotoBlast, tractor mounted blower from Campey Turf Care Systems, and it becomes more of a breeze than a chore.

Typically used for clearing greens and tees, fairways, pathways and other sports turf areas, The RotoBlast is designed to move leaves, grass clippings, thatch, litter and other unwanted surface debris from any area that requires clear access or needs to be kept tidy.

Adding the RotoBlast to your maintenance fleet, delivers a lightweight machine, weighing only 100kgs which can be lifted and moved by the operator with ease when unhitched from the tractor. It is equipped with a 3,750-rpm blower that produces an air velocity of 130m3/ min. and has been designed with the practical user experience at the forefront.

Attached by a 3-point linkage, the powerful blower is mounted on a wheeled chassis to enhance its ability to follow contours on undulating terrain whilst maintaining a constant nozzle height above the ground. There is also an option to invert the wheels and revert to a fully mounted operation.

It has a capacity of 300m2/min with an operating speed of 0.6 -6.2mph, requiring only 25 -50 hp tractor power.

The Imants RotoBlast has proved a popular addition to the portfolio of exclusive products from Campeys including the Koro Ò FIELD TOPMAKER Ò , ShockWave, SandCat and RotoKnife.

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